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Pledge to Clients: A common theme with my past clients is that I have always been honest and had their best interest in mind. I give my opinion on price, condition and future resale potential, even at the expense of a sale. I am a "Broker" and broker to me is managing my clients investments. The home I sell you today is the home I will be selling for you tomorrow.

Professional Experience: I was licensed in 2000 and became active in 2001. I was "Rookie of the Year" 2002, the same year I recieved my Brokers license. GRI graduate in 2005. I attend as many investment courses as possible to stay on the leading edge of making my clients money on their investments be it in single family, multi-family or business.

Education: On the job has been the best education, along with learning from my fellow Assoicates and Brokers. My continuing education is yearly with too many courses to mention, but the two that I am most proud of is my GRI and investment seminars.

Outside Interests: Montana is a wonderful place to live, I like to take advantage of all our natural beauty by camping, hiking, biking, skiing, kayaking and anything else that is an excuse to be outside.